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Welcome to Tiff's Lyfe Blog  & Homeschooling Homegirls Podcast  , join us as we take up space by sharing our BIPOC experiences in the homeschool / unschool world .

Homeschooling 3 kids these last 19 years and as the Co-President of the Homeschool Associations of CA I have lots of experience and resources to support you on your homeschool journey


Grab a cup of coffee or a beer and get to know whats its like to live inside my head. My Name is Tiffany I am 37-year (1980) Blogger, Healer, Mother , Wife, Business Owner, Seeker , Unschooler, Chicana. I live in Southern CA with my husband Jorge and (3)-amazing kids (1997,2003,2011).

Choosing to have my daughter at sixteen and then self educate her and the boys meant that my life goals took a back seat . Our daughter is turning twenty-one this month & I have been reflecting and deciding on what my life goals look like now. 

I have accomplished a lot we have have built a successful & growing Tech company , I have built a strong Nueromuscular massage practice and Online Busienss Manager Consulting  practice. I am exited on whats come ! Enjoy the journey with me. 

So, you've decided to learn more about homeschooling to see if it is a good fit for your family.  Now what? 

 Watch the video .   Schedule a consultation  , Get your questions answered , Feel Empowered & see the events below: 


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    The purpose of this blog is to create a space for myself to be real a lot has happened in my 37-yrs and processing it is just starting to happen so enjoy the ride as I find me. I also want my kids to know all of me not JUST the mom side of me and what better way than an unapologetic day to day record


    • Start a blog,

    • Dress up like Wonder Women

    • Visit country festivals like:

      • La Tomatina festival in Spain,the

      • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro,

      • Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada ,

    • Go whitewater rafting,  

    • Jumping off a cliff into a lake,such as Kamari Beach, Santorini,

    • Swim with dolphins,

    • Go crowd surfing at a concert ,

    • Try

      • Sky diving, - Done 12/2016

      • Heli skiing,

      • Parasailing,

      • Bungee jumping,

      • Scuba Dive

    • Participate in a marathon or a triathlon,

    • Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Times Square.,

    • Get back to 105lbs my pre-Dylan wieght,

    • Hold a koala bear in Australia,

    • Visit a volcano,

    • Climb a mountain

    • Stay in a castle,

    • Go on a safari,

    • Ride a gondola in Venice,

    • Plan a trip on the Orient Express,

    • Visit the North Pole,

    • Ride a hot air balloon, enjoy a couple’s spa treatment,

    • Learn

      • dream interpretation,

      • Intuitive card reading -Done 

      • Self-hypnosis,

      • To forgive,

      • To DJ

      • A foreign language.,

      • To play guitar.

    • Witnessing a solar eclipse

    • Fall asleep on grassy plains

    • Make a difference in someone’s life,

    • Visit Costa rica,

    • Visit All 50 States,

    • See the northern lights,

    • Visit the Seven Wonders of the World,

    • Tour of Fallingwater (a southwest Pennsylvania house partly built over a waterfall),  

    • Moonlit dinner cruise,

    • France

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Australia

    • the Greek island of Santorini

    • The Maldives,

    • travel through the Swiss Alps

    • Stay in a beach house for a weekend,

    • Couple Kayaking in Belize,

    • Stargazing at the Atacama Desert of northern Chile,

    • Explore the US Virgin Islands

    • Spend a Christmas in England ,

    • Have a candlelight dinner on the Giant Ferris Wheel in the city of Vienna,

    • Go for horse-drawn carriage tour

    • Witness a beautiful sunrise from the Grand Canyon,

    • Dance and kiss in the rain,

    • Have a whipped cream fight

    • Be in a flash mob,

    • Sleep under the stars & watching a meteor shower

    • Stay in a foreign country (with a completely different culture) for two to three months ,

    • Experience zero gravity

    • Build a snowman

    • Plan n a trip to Jukkasjärvi in Sweden with a stay in the famous Icehotel,

    • Visit the Mont Tremblant, situated in Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada


    Things that I am working towards : 

    1. Finishing my degree .

    2. Traveling 

    3. Building financial security for the kids

    4. Help make the homeschooling world more inclusive & accessible 

    5. Become physical, mentally, emotional & spiritual healthier.

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