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Why A Women Circle Is So Important

I have never been a girls girls its been less than 2-yrs since I started seeking out a sisterhood. What prompted me ? Cutting ties with toxic people in my life . For as long as I can remember my mom told me the only people I could trust was her and my sisters because girls/ women are jealous and stab you in the back Her telling me this came from her experiences and the want to protect me. The friends I choose made this ring true so I became a guys girl . Connecting with my unschooling park day is where it began & attending moon circles .expanded my journey & made rethink what I believed. This reflection led me to starting the Women Circle with the soul purpose to support each other an

So what’s it like to be a mommy to an Intense kid?

So what’s it like to be a mommy to an intense kid? Grab your wine and enjoy the ride. This post is the ugly truth of having an intense kid. This is for the moms that are tired of the judgement & all advise of what they should be doing. Because until you have an intense kid you have no idea what’s its like. Meet the little man that runs the house and our lives. He challenges me to follow the peaceful parenting principles I practiced with Jade and Dylan . He is the child that is the most like me and his intensity has shown me the the best and worst of myself. I respect his will and even though it would be easier for my day to day to break him like a wild horse I know he is gonna need th


So I came home from a long day of spreadsheets and Dylan was so excited to tell me about this video . He said it changed his mind about going to school. Dylan has been always radically unschooled he just finished playing football in league he was aging out of so the idea of high school football became a very real choice that we were supporting him on. He said that he rather learn about building a business and other things stated in the video. Dylan may decide to go to highschool or not either way he will make the best choice for his needs. I love the relationship that unschooling has created for us honest , open and above all else flexible. My kids know that today their life, & choices ar


As for most of us my journey into Unschooling is very different from my husbands journey. Here is where it began for me. I had Jade at sixteen and was told all the typical bull**** ignorant people say I would not amount to anything, I ruined my life and hers, I would fail at being a mother, I should give her to someone that was better equipped . The truth is having Jade saved my life. I valued the life inside of me from the moment I found out I was pregnant this wild child did a 180. I stopped partying & became a health nut, researched all kinds of things like vaccinations, homeopathy, homeschooling. . I will never forget going to the hospital to give birth to Jade and handing the nurse my


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