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#75Hard Challenge Accepted

Jorge and I start the #75Hard Challenge tomorrow 7/27/2020 Goal Date: 10 /10/2020. I created the 75 Hard Tracker to stay on track download the fillible PDF tracker here and join us on our journey, My Why for trying this again I hate routine and discipline! Its keeping me from reaching my goals and I need a mental reset. I have started and failed a 1,000 times trying to lose the same 50 lbs I gain with my first son that will be 18 next February. I turned 40 this year and Its the first time I felt older. I am tired of my self sabotage I need to finally commit. Jorge Why He is out of shape for the first time in 20 years that I have know him. Our youngest keeps us on our toes and canno

Homeschooling Homegirls Welcome Episode

WELCOME {EPISODE 1} Welcome I wanted to take a minute and Introduce myself & share where my perspectives were shaped from. I jump head first without having  any of it figured so  I am still figuring out the editing software and moving though my  introvert self .I love a challenge each episode will be more unapologetically  me .  I am so excited to start having these conversation out loud , to join others expanding WHO homeschools / unschools and WHAT it looks like..  Thanks for kicking with me!  Enjoy raising empowered people ! Your Host Tiffany Sandoval PSST…DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THE HOMESCHOOL HOMEGIRLS PODCAST WITHOUT SPENDING ANY EXTRA? Many listeners have asked how they can suppo

The End of Our Co-Sleeping

Logan slept in his own room last night. For the first time in 23-yrs my husband and I had the bed to ourselves in our home. Our kids are spaced so far apart the only reason one kid left our bed to their own room was because another kid came into our family. Since Logan's siblings are so much older than him he wants to be grown too. What prompted this change ? Logan has been all about design lately and he talked about having his own room. Logan is our strong willed kid he is so different then our first two kids he is the kid that runs far ahead of us and never looks back to see if we are there. He leaps before he looks an once he makes a decision hell or high water he will will it to be

Everything You Need to Get Started Homeschooling

Everything you need to homeschooling! Welcome lets plan your upcoming school year with ease? Do you need a starting place to figure how to legally homeschool in CA? This digital homeschool planner has editable PDF pages can be typed in, edited, printed off into a binder or simply saved to your computer. Create a personalize plan to fit your family while saving time and effort. Type in your plans, save them and use the same planner year after year! Get some piece of mind & order digital PDF editable Planner today ! Whats Included? Complete step by step guide to withdrawal your kid(s) from school , How to file a PSA with templates , Charter Info, reusable lesson planners & typical course of st


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