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Hello & Welcome to our families  Self-Education Blog  & Homeschooling  Homegirls  Podcast, join us as we take up space by sharing our BIPOC experiences in the homeschool / unschool world .

Homeschooling 3 kids these last 19 years and as the Co-President of the Homeschool Associations of CA I have lots of experience and resources to support you on your homeschool journey.

What does self-educated mean? This  is how I have explained it to my family : We continue the life we had when we were raising our babies we knew they would walk, talk, eat, sleep and explore when they were ready. Our kids continue to be the same curious beings they were created to be.

I hope we inspire other families to jump into this way of life. I am so grateful to all the families that gave me a peek into their lives. We love this fluid life and hope you enjoy reading about it.

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