Holding Hands


Lets start by I am not expert but I have been married for 16+ years.  So much has happened in these sixteen years. We have lusted, loved, hated , hurt & healed each other. 


We had no clue what a healthy marriage looked like or the work it took to maintain it.  We got married young and were raised in dysfunctional marriages. We are trying not to repeat those patterns by discovering ways to do better.  We have blown up our marriage the seven year itch is real my friend.  I grew up seeing a lot of unhappy married people that were sticking it out for their kids, religion or money I never wanted to be those people. I I realized how easy it happens. 

I want share the things that helped us heal. I want to leave our kids our true love story the parts we tried to hide, the things they didn't see.  I want share date night ideas.  I want someone to read it to me when i forget who I am  because this love has healed me in so many ways.  

Join us as we continue to forge our own path., make memories and grow together.