Welcome to Homeschooling Homegirls Podcast , join us as we take up space by sharing our BIPOC experiences in the homeschool / unschool world .

I'm your host  Tiffany Sandoval  I have spent most of the last 19 yrs in a homeschooling / unschool world listening to advice from  narratives that did not include me or anyone  that was not  from the white or white adjacent lived experience.  This podcast is about elevating the voices that for far to long have been silenced in the name of white fragility . 

There are so many of us that have have been living this homeschool / unschool life . My  hope is  that by sharing our stories others can see that  homeschool / unschool is not a White or Religious thing it is one of many paths to raise empower educated  people. 

Stories with be shared from lived experiences not theories & Different perspectives are encouraged.  So grab your coffee or your cocktail and join us as we expand our perspective. 

If you want to share your experience or have a topic you want hear people speak on submit your story!

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