Making the Invisible -Visible My Letter to Conference Coordinators

Diversity: Lets begin the conversation

So lets just be real for a minute the Homeschooling/ Unschooling community is lacking cultural & socioeconomic diversity. Why is there such a lack of diversity? What can we do to change the lack of diversity? Why it is so important to have an ongoing dialogue with our kids about this issue? How can we reach out to families that need a supportive community yet feel out of place?

My goal is to avoid any risk of promoting a “we victims, you perpetrators” mentality, and open up dialogue within the homeschooling/unschooling community for those of us that need a supportive community where these issues can be discussed in a safe and open manner where our kids can benefit from having multicultural awareness because our world is so much more interconnected than ever before,.

Virtually everyone has been treated unfairly at some point. But many in society experience marginalization simply by virtue of their racial, ethnic, (dis)ability, gender, class, age and/or sexual identity. The discrimination, stereotyping and bias that lead to exclusion and marginalization exacts an enormous toll on individuals and groups, and ultimately on society. The ever-expanding diversity in this country is now a fact of life. When choosing to make such a different choice than society’s norm and not send our child to school the need for community support is so important. However finding that support can be extremely difficult when you show up to a park day/conference/ event and you are not represented.

There is no simple understanding or one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving successful diversity. that is why we need diverse people to step outside of their comfort zone and help create a diverse supportive community. Diversity is what we have inclusion is what we need.


I recently attend the 2015 Free To Be Unschooling Conference in AZ and went to talk about diversity given by Erika Davis-Pitre it was life changing. We have been attending unschooling conferences since 2006 and have lived this beautiful radically unschooled life for 10+year and yet I never felt like I had the right to share our life what we have learned/experience . In the talk Erika stated that there are many family’s that do not attend the conference because they do not feel represented or that there kids are excluded because of the lack of exposure to other races our kids our exposed to and by default stay with what they know and feel comfortable around.

As I questioned why I felt that speaking was not for me I realized I felt Invisible because in all the conferences, online community & park days I was not represented there was few to none that looked like me. I want to make us Visible I want other families of color to feel like they have someone they can relate to & not feel out of place. I had chosen to ignore that fact that I can raise free children but in the world outside this beautiful unschooling bubble the same rules do not apply to them. With the immigration issue, police shootings & cultural profiling I need to teach my kids how to talk to law enforcement, bigots, and store managers because one day their life may depend on it. It’s not fair but it is a reality. I want to provide a space where families can feel supported as they navigate these issue while giving their kids this beautiful connected unschooling/homeschooling life.


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  • • Connected Couples: What makes healthy, happy relationships.

  • • How to Survive & Support Your Spirited Kid

  • • Diversity Talk

  • • Teen Sex Talk / Adult Sex Talk


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  • • Teen Panel – Jade Sandoval

  • • Dad Panel – Jorge Sandoval

  • • Tech Support – Jorge Sandoval

MY BIO Tiffany Sandoval is mom of three life-long radically unschooled kids Jade (1997) Dylan (2003) and Logan (2011) and a wife to one amazingly human being . Tiffany & Jorge run three successful businesses in Southern CA. She became a mom at 16yr and quickly grew up. She intended to traditionally homeschool until she heard Sandra Dodd and Pam Sorooshian talk and 1st heard the term Unschooling. The family jumped in with both feet and it has been an amazing adventure. They have chosen to live their lives mindfully, in freedom and with much happiness. You can learn more about the Sandoval Family at Life with Tiffany Blog.

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