As for most of us my journey into Unschooling is very different from my husbands journey.

Here is where it began for me.

I had Jade at sixteen and was told all the typical bull**** ignorant people say I would not amount to anything, I ruined my life and hers, I would fail at being a mother, I should give her to someone that was better equipped .

The truth is having Jade saved my life. I valued the life inside of me from the moment I found out I was pregnant this wild child did a 180. I stopped partying & became a health nut, researched all kinds of things like vaccinations, homeopathy, homeschooling. .

I will never forget going to the hospital to give birth to Jade and handing the nurse my birth plan. She told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and threw it in the trash. I had spent months researching , discussing, exploring my options and she dismissed it because of my age. I never let anyone treat me like that again. From that experience I made the conscience choice to always value Jades ideas, words.

Jorge and I heard Sandra Dodd and Pam Sorooshian speak Saturday, December 4, 2001 at Garden Grove Friends Church Introduction to Unschooling (Pam Sorooshian) & Ideas, Knowing, Being, Learning (Sandra Dodd). That talk changed our world. I always thought I would homeschool I had bought curriculum up to the third grade because Jade was going to be ahead for her age it never felt right. Jade has always been a go with flow kind of kid so she would of did all the worksheets but hearing Sandra and Pam’s talk I found out there was a better way for us out there. Radical Unschooling came way easier to me because Jade and I grew up together. We didn’t have rules, bedtimes, meal times and ought to’s we just lived life together we ate when we were hunger, slept when we were tired, she drew all over the place (she still does) . The bliss of being young and dumb. We just continued living the life that felt the most natural to us.

My support system became online yahoo groups and unschooling conferences. Choosing to not send Jade to school was proof to those that told me i would fail at being a mother . Everyone thought I was crazy I just held on to what felt right. I was terrified to prove everyone right. I had to figure out which voice was mine and which belonged to others. I am so glad I did not give into my fear. This way of life is beautiful. I feel blessed to have the relationship I have with my kids.

When I freak out about what I ‘should be doing” I remember we all learn the things that are important to us not the things other people think should be important.


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