So I came home from a long day of spreadsheets and Dylan was so excited to tell me about this video . He said it changed his mind about going to school. Dylan has been always radically unschooled he just finished playing football in league he was aging out of so the idea of high school football became a very real choice that we were supporting him on. He said that he rather learn about building a business and other things stated in the video.

Dylan may decide to go to highschool or not either way he will make the best choice for his needs. I love the relationship that unschooling has created for us honest , open and above all else flexible. My kids know that today their life, & choices are real they don’t have to wait for the magic 18th birthday to start to live a real life.

Here is some background on why it’s so important to me that my kids know all their options: I have a sister that is 13 months younger than me we grew up together it wasn’t an easy childhood but my mom did the best she could she loved us and accepted us for who we were and for that i will always be grateful to know what that loves feels like. To this day my sister blames my mom for all her choices . As a teen I knew that my choices were 100% my responsibility they were not all great choices but they were the best lessons and each taught me more about myself. My mom never judged me she quietly supported me. i now know how difficult that is to do. I never want my kids to blame me and not take their responsibility for their choices.

So in our home It has been an ongoing conversation about choice , responsibility & boundaries. We chose to unschool because we wanted our kids to truly know themselves without jumping through hoops of what they should be/know.


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