Why A Women Circle Is So Important

Woman Circle

I have never been a girls girls its been less than 2-yrs since I started seeking out a sisterhood. What prompted me ? Cutting ties with toxic people in my life . For as long as I can remember my mom told me the only people I could trust was her and my sisters because girls/ women are jealous and stab you in the back Her telling me this came from her experiences and the want to protect me. The friends I choose made this ring true so I became a guys girl .

Connecting with my unschooling park day is where it began & attending moon circles .expanded my journey & made rethink what I believed. This reflection led me to starting the Women Circle with the soul purpose to support each other and to let women know they are not alone.

There is so much healing and beauty that happens when you can sit in a circle with other women that support you as you speak your truth. There are NOT many safe places for women to be vulnerable . When I sit in a circle and I hear someone I have never met tell my story I feel understood. When I hear my own voice say what I am ready to let go of and set my intention I feel powerful , heard and healed

I strongly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and find your sisterhood that embrace you on your journey .

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