KETO Update Wk. 1-3

I am not ready to post pictures . I am writing about my keto journey to keep me accountable. I did not experience the “Keto Flu” I did have a slight headache and the I could tell when my body went into Ketosis around week 2 with taste of metal in my mouth. Check out My Why post for starting stats

Total Lost : 9.8 Lbs 12 Inches

Measurements WK 1

Weight Lost : 4.7 Lbs

Inches Lost : 7

Measurements WK 2

Weight Lost : 4.7 Lbs

Inches Lost : 2

Measurements WK 3

Weight Lost : 0.4 Lbs

Inches Lost : 3

Whats Working ?

  • Tracking food, exercise (including housework & sex) in the Lose App has been keeping me accountable and motivated.

  • Water Intake I fill a 4 (20 oz.) sports bottles up a day and know that’s what I need to finish.

  • Finding Fun Ways to Exercise: I started doing 1 day a week country line dancing I can dance for 3 hours but I hate the gym after 10 mins. We have also been doing Disneyland 1 day week walking for 6 hrs goes by so fast.

  • Finding Low Carb Alternatives:

  • Beers / Drinks

  • Chip Alternatives : Chicharrones

What I am having a hard time with ?

Believe it or not eating enough FAT . There is only so much bacon , protein style burgers I can have in a week. All I have been craving is a smoothie and a strawberry milkshake which before this milkshakes were not my thing.

Looking at the the DAM scale every day I need to stop. Losing inches means more to me than LBS. I am not losing LBS as fast of most people say they do on blogs/ YouTube but I am still losing so sticking it out.

Typical Meal

Breakfast :

  • 12-oz Coffee w/ 4-Tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream+Cinnamon + Bulletproof

  • 2-Fried Eggs in 1-Tbsp of butter

  • 2-Slices Bacon

  • 20 oz of Water


  • Salad: 2-cups Romaine Lettuce + 1/2-cup Cucumbers +Annies Cowgirl Ranch+Protein (Egg or Bacon or Steak or Chicken) or

  • Egg Salad or Tuna lettuce wrap or

  • Bunless Burger

  • 20 oz of Water


  • Protein+ Salad or

  • Protien Shake + PBFit +1/2-cup Heavy Whipping Cream+ Ice

  • 40 oz of Water

Snacks: (2 of any of the following )

  • 2-Hard boiled Eggs

  • 16-oz Bone Broth

  • 2- Sting Cheese or 1-oz any cheese

  • 6-Slices Strawberry

  • 6-Lunch Meat

  • Chicharrones

  • 1/2 Avocado


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