Jades 1st Career

As a parent the “1st” are not always things I was always present for. Jade took her Cosmetology Licence Exam today & I made sure I was there. She has a test phobia and I knew driving to LA as 5 a.m. on a Wednesday was not going to help her be her best. I will always remember her smiling face when I picked her up she was laughing saying over and over ” I passed”! At that moment a flood of memories of Jade being proud of herself because she accomplished something she didn’t think she could came over me:

  • At 6 yr. she figured out how to tie her shoes (she started trying at 4 yr)

  • At 7 yr. she baked her first layer cake by herself after dozens of failed attempts

  • At 14 yr. she traveled on her own to Oregon (despite never even going to a sleepover to attend camp for a couple of weeks.)

  • At 16 yr. she backpacked in New Zealand (despite her extreme eczema / no hiking exp.)

  • At 19 yr. she got her driver licence (when she was 5 yr we got in a bad car accident it left her with a huge fear of cars/ driving this was a huge hurtle to over come.)

Time goes so fast I can’t believe she is starting her 1st Career. This letting go thing sucks and takes work. I want her to be independent but as she moves one step closer to her own life where I get to be a bystander and no longer a full participant all I can think about is all the things I am going to miss. I am trying to put things in prospective at her age (almost 21yrs ) I had a four yr. old and had just met my husband. I am so GRATEFUL for the time unschooling gave us but the bubble we have lived in is deflating.

I am excited to see where this journey takes her we spent the day creating her booking site , ordering business cards, setting up email , PayPal social media and looking for jobs/ apprenticeships. Please join us as we head down a new road and support Jade by sharing her info and booking her.


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