I started Keto on 1/1/2018 and lost 20 lbs and over 15 inches by 2/20/2018. Then we went to New Orleans for our daughters 21st birthday and Keto went out the window.

I ate and drank whatever I wanted for the week we were in new Orleans and only gained 5 lbs (we did a lot of waking) .

When we got back I kept starting and stopping #Keto. I HATE being told what to do it is a destructive part of myself i will always have to work on so that means even when I tell myself what to do I find ways of sabotaging myself. The two areas that have tripped me up the most are logging my food and NOT drinking .

So now that we are almost at the end of the year I am going to restart today and just make the CHOICE to stick with it for a 100 days.

So here are my stats as of 11/11/18:

  • Restart Date: 11/11/18

  • SW: 175.9 H: 5"1" Size 12-14

  • GW: 120

Follow my progress and how I am keeping myself accountable on IG @TikkKetoLyfe


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