My New Role

Guess who just became the new Co-President of the Homeschooling Association of CA? I never thought that asking for a seat at the table would make those seated at the table for a very long time leave me sitting at an empty table.

Its been a long couple of months reorganizing , finding important documentation and getting access. Speaking to power is empowering, exhausting and very isolating. I am grateful to all the people that have been holding me . For the people that joined me at the table to create an inclusive homeschooling community.

I am bridge and bridges usually get burnt. I may burn but I am going to everything I can to uplift voices that have not been supported . I am going to be as transparent as I can owning it as I fuck up . There is a narrative going around that is untrue and I rather put my energy in building something better than fighting lies.

The lack of Access and Representation in the homeschooling community brought me to the table. Creating access and representation will require diverse voices so if you want to help please join us HSC. Your feedback is appreciated it may not always be easy to hear but memberships voice is important contact me at

We have made so much progress in short about of time and look forward to what this next year brings.

Meet the new Board

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