#75Hard Challenge Accepted

Jorge and I start the #75Hard Challenge tomorrow 7/27/2020 Goal Date: 10 /10/2020.

I created the 75 Hard Tracker to stay on track download the fillible PDF tracker here and join us on our journey,

My Why for trying this again

I hate routine and discipline! Its keeping me from reaching my goals and I need a mental reset. I have started and failed a 1,000 times trying to lose the same 50 lbs I gain with my first son that will be 18 next February. I turned 40 this year and Its the first time I felt older. I am tired of my self sabotage I need to finally commit.

Jorge Why

He is out of shape for the first time in 20 years that I have know him. Our youngest keeps us on our toes and cannot image what teenage Logan will bring so staying healthy and able to keep up with him is important to him. He is also a Type 1 diabetic and the lack of self care takes it toll.

Our Why for doing this together

Our marriage is stalled we are together a lot running business, homeschooling the kids but we are very different people what I like he hates and vice versa . We are a good team so we are hoping that the #75hard challenges is what we need to prioritize US again. The pandemic and turning 40 has also made us realize how little time we have left and the way we want to use the time.

What we see as our biggest challenges

No Alcohol rule - we have a full bar in the living room and a keg in the man cave

Making time to read 10- Pages - We both prefer audio books but its against the rules . My eyes get tried fast I wear hard contacts so that is something I am going to have to do in the morning.

Part of the challenge is posting daily pictures so this will be a recurring post with our highs and lows on resting our mindset.

#Marriage #Goals

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