Updated: Sep 21, 2020


Welcome to Homeschooling Homegirls episode four - This episode we're gonna be talking about gaming, which is usually a hot button about how much time kids are usually on their devices and the value parents often place on gaming. This was actually in response to Ted Talk listed in link section below. The article is really well written and it touches a lot of great  points. But what it got me thinking about the fact that parents perspectives are usually shared the and I thought it was really important to hear  the gamers  perspective,   Dylan started gaming around seven and is now seventeen so he has a lot of experience and perspective to share. Dylan talks about what being unschooled is like , things he would change,  roads that gaming led him down.  So Join us for this episode and see the transcript in the blog post!  

Enjoy raising empowered people ! Your Host Tiffany Sandoval



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Tiffany 0:00

Welcome to today's show where I will be interviewing my oldest son, Dylan, welcome to the show.

Dylan 0:06

Thank you, mother.

Tiffany 0:09

We're gonna be talking about gaming, which is usually a hot button about how many how much time kids are usually on their computers. And it was actually in response to this post, and I'm looking for Hold on. It's the title of the TED Talk is stop thinking of your kids gaming time as wasted time. And here's why. And I think it's really well written and it touches a lot of points. But what it got me thinking is a lot of this perspective that's being given is always usually from the parents perspective. And I really thought it was important to hear from teens perspective, because Dylan started gaming at a very young age, and he's 17. Now almost 18, and he's still very actively gaming. And it does, from my perspective look like sometimes he's doing nothing. But then we talk and I've learned like, wow, all this stuff's happening. So I just thought instead of it being another parent perspective, It'd be interesting to hear his perspective. So that's what we're talking about today. So Dylan, do you remember your like, earliest memory of gaming?

Dylan 1:08

I was playing with Dad & Jade, my sister, we were playing a legend Zelda game. And it was time like, flew by game we played it for hours and hours and hours. And it's just like, so invested when I got as I got older, to the types of games I played changed a lot, but I always have t hese early memories, which is, you know, a family you know, playing games got me into it .

Tiffany 1:34

It's funny because like our cats, namely, the kids still have like a old we set up downstairs where they still play together. And it's something that they've all shared. Like I've never really participated too much I get dizzy watching all the movement and so I do feel sometimes like it's like an outsider thing, which is really weird because as a kid I really liked like, I think it'd be I when I think of video games you think of like the old Mario and dechaine and Atari stuff. And that is so knowledgeable Looks like now when I watched them play it's almost like watching a movie. Do you remember the first time that you gain like in an online space with other people?

Dylan 2:07

I was, like 6 or 7ish. Like when I started playing Minecraft and then Counter Strike with a lot of my friends and that's fun to just like mess around Its a really cool way to make connections. However, if you're really competitive person, you could be really good at it. But you know, like messing with your friends is like a big part of it.

Tiffany 2:30

So I remember wondering like when you're a little like you could say you start gaming like six seven. Like you didn't really sit down for much of anything except if you're gaming. And like I remember wondering like how am I gonna get this kid to like learn to read and like I think through Minecraft because you were talking and typing. We helped you a little bit and all of a sudden like you were doing it yourself. did it become much as natural or just just because you wanted like what drove you to like, do you remember what learning to read? Or was it Just like something that happens?

Dylan 3:01

It was natural, I guess like it really depends on the person like I pick up things really fast if I'm interested in it, but at the same time if I'm not interested in something it's so hard for me to learn it like the second he gets any of my attention they'll probably call them my focus into it but i think i'm very good natural learner. And I was something I guess the game really helped with since it was like a necessity to understand what wa