Homeschooling Homegirls Welcome Episode

Updated: Sep 21, 2020


Welcome I wanted to take a minute and Introduce myself & share where my perspectives were shaped from. I jump head first without having  any of it figured so  I am still figuring out the editing software and moving though my  introvert self .I love a challenge each episode will be more unapologetically  me .  I am so excited to start having these conversation out loud , to join others expanding WHO homeschools / unschools and WHAT it looks like..  Thanks for kicking with me!  Enjoy raising empowered people ! Your Host Tiffany Sandoval


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Welcome to the homeschooling home girls podcast. Join us as we take up space by sharing our bipc experiences in the homeschool unschool world. I'm your host, Tiffany Sandoval. I spent most of the last 19 years in the homeschool unschooled world listening to the advice from narratives that did not include me or anyone that was not from the white or white adjacent lived experience. This podcast is about elevating the voices that for far too long, have been silenced in the name of white fragility. My hope is that by sharing our stories, others can see that homeschooling and unschooling is one of many paths to raise empowered, educated people. stories will be shared from lived experiences, not theories, and different perspectives are encouraged to grab your coffee or your cocktail. And join us as we expand our perspectives.

Hey, this is Tiffany. Thanks for kicking it with me today. You're listening to homeschooling home girls podcast. This is a place for BIPOC parents and the homeschool and unschool community to share lived experiences while expanding our perspectives.

I wanted to introduce myself today so that you guys know where my perspectives are being shaped from. I'm also trying to friggin kick this white voice of mine that comes on. It's like the voice I used to interview or, I don't know, get clients. But I think I've used it so many times. It's like part of me now. As I get more comfortable, you'll probably see me slip back into myself. It's taking me so long to even just get one episode of this welcome episode out because I can't. I can't stand It's driving me insane. But it is what it is, though. Join me in the conversation, you know, all feedbacks welcomed. It's a little bit about mysel