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Join us as we learn about Mexican independence day .

We use Youtube as a resource here is a playlist I put together

When is it ?

Wednesday September 16 Mexican Independence Day

ln 1810 the war against SPAIN was declared. MEXICO was seeking Independence after being ENSLAVED for 300 Yrs

Why it took place?

The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec and other Mesoamerican empires began around 1519, when Spanish galleons under the command of Hernán Cortés arrived on the island of San Juan de Ulúa in search of wealth. Independence Day in Mexico celebrates the day in 1810 that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest and one of the leaders fighting for Mexico’s Independence, is believed to have made the cry for independence (El Grito de la Independencia, or Grito de Dolores) in the town of Dolores, in the north-central present day state of Hidalgo. This call to action by Hidalgo and his fellow revolutionaries helped to mobilize the townspeple

How Long it Lasted ?

Guerra de Independencia de México was an armed conflict and political process, lasting from 1808 to 1821, resulting in Mexico's independence from Spain. It was not a single, coherent event, but local and regional struggles that occurred within the same time period, and can be considered a revolutionary civil war.Independence was not an inevitable.

How it started?

The Grito de Dolores ("Cry of/from Dolores") was the battle cry of the Mexican War of Independence, "My Children, a new dispensation comes to us today…Will you free yourselves? Will you recover the lands stolen 300 years ago from your forefathers by the hated Spaniards? We must act at once.”

Who was involved?

Commanders and leaders Mexican War of Independence

Miguel Hidalgo (1810–11)

Ignacio Allende(1810–11)

Ignacio López Rayon (POW) (1810–13)

José MARÍA Morelos (1810–15)

Vicente Guerrero (1810–21)

Mariano Matamoros (1811–14)

Guadalupe Victoria (1812–21)

Francisco Xavier MINA (1817)

Agustín de Iturbide (1821

Ferdinand VII

Francisco Venegas (1810–13)

Félix María Calleja (1810–16)

Juan Ruiz de A. (1816–21)

Francisco Novella (1821)

Juan O'Donojú (1821)

How do people celebrate Mexico Independence Day?

In Mexico, many families and friends gather together in groups on the night of September 15th to ring in the holiday at midnight—much like New Year’s Eve.


Some of the common foods used to celebrate this special day include traditional Mexican cuisine like tamales, Queso Fundido (Mexican cheese fondue), Birria de Borrego (Spiced Roasted Lamb), Pozole (a soup made of hominy and pork), Chiles En Nogada (a Mexican dish that has the colors of the Mexican flag), tacos, guacamole, and is washed down with a delicious margarita or tequila.

Viva México! 10 10-Songs to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

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