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Blogger, Healer, Mother , Wife, Business Owner, Seeker , Unschooler, Chicana

Welcome grab a cup of coffee or a beer and get to know whats its like to live inside my head. My Name is Tiffany I am 37-year (1980) Blogger, Healer, Mother , Wife, Business Owner, Seeker , Radical Unschooler, Xicana. I live in Southern CA with my husband Jorge and (3)-amazing kids (1997,2003,2011).


Sharing lived   #Homeschool    & #Unschool BIPOC experience. Elevating the voices that for far to long have been silenced in the name of white fragility.

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Welcome lets plan your upcoming school year with ease?  Do you need a starting place to figure how to legally homeschool in CA?  This digital  homeschool planner has editable PDF pages can be typed in, edited, printed off into a binder or simply saved to your computer. Create a personalize plan to fit your family while saving time and effort. Type in your plans, save them and use the same planner year after year!

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Hello & Welcome to our families Self-Education Blog. i hope we inspire other families to jump into this way of life. I am so grateful to all the families that gave me a peek into their lives. We love this fluid life and hope you enjoy reading about it.

Healing carries several meanings for me: 

  1.  I am finally coming to terms and processing my Childhood Trauma & Teen pregnancy.

  2. I am learning self care 

  3. It took me years to accept that I am a healer I spent years researching practicing and seeking mentors and I want to share what I found because I believe everything and everyone is connected.

Lets start by I am not expert but I have been married for 19+ years  & a parent for 23yrs .  So much has happened We have loved, hated , hurt & healed each other.